1 Year Client Care System

 Never lose touch with your clients again.

Keeping you top of mind for an entire year with our 1 Year Client Care System. Our program will remind you to send these unique touch points to your clients. Making cold clients a thing of the past.


What's included.

The 1 year reminder system

Imagine your clients receiving a series hand written note cards from you; with their home on the front of the cards!

Our 1 Year Client Care System will remind you when is the perfect time to send each card. Never lose touch with your clients again!

The Social Media Kits

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The Social Media Kit for your clients.

Get your clients talking about you.

Your clients love you, now let them rave about you to all their family and friends on their Social Media with these stunning images. 

When you purchase this system we will email you these images for you to share with your clients.


The Note Cards for your clients.

Perfect for change of address cards, thank you cards for their neighbours, and even keepsakes for their children.


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