80% of all Real Estate transactions come from referrals!

For a referral to work, your clients need to have a passionate conversation about you.

A passionate conversation that inspires their friends is the only true source of a referral. And your clients need an anchor that sparks that conversation, something that gets that conversation going.

Simply asking your clients for a referral is not enough, a referral is an organic process, something that comes up on its own.

So what creates those conversations? Something deeply personal to them, preferably something that lets your clients talk about their success.

Our portraits are a very powerful anchor that will spark endless conversations about you. As your clients show all of their friends and family their portrait of their home, they will excitedly talk about how proud they are. And when your name comes up, it is brought up in a passionate and powerful conversation - the perfect referral.

With over 8000 portraits sold, and countless stories of referrals, we're certain that you will be impressed.

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Here is an infographic to show you just how powerful referral marketing is! 

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