Other real estate closing gifts

Here are a few different real estate closing gifts that we recommend besides the house portraits of course.

To thank your clients for closing a gift is a wonderful way to end the transaction. It can change your clients into advocates with the proper gift.

So let's get started!

Give them a framed historical map of their local area. You can get maps of cities states the easy display and a great conversation starter when her friends ask where they get the say oh my real sage and gave it to me. It's a wonderful gift to give and you can give them at www.mapsofthepast.com

Send a bark box
pet owners love their pets like kids and there's no better way to get a $10 good side then send them a monthly box. Bark box will send replacements of your furry friend is even love their treats we highly recommend it.

Give yourself clients some spices
if your clients love to cook than a really good thing to do is give him a bunch of new spices that they will love. Most people don't even know what spices to buy, so if you can help them out and give him some spices they would totally appreciate that.


Give them a  house portrait

of course a beautiful gift is to give them a painting of their home and that is a very powerful way to connect your clients.


Keep their house cool with a nest thermostat
Smart homes are all the rage right now it is getting easier and easier even with historic homes to make them new. The nest thermostat is a beautiful gift that they look at all the time and they will always think of you.