One Year follow up card for Members

Welcome to our powerful one year follow up program!

Staying in touch with your clients is the single most important part of your business. And it is often the most overlooked. We all forget to keep reaching out to our clients.

We've solved this for you! Our one year follow up program will automatically take care of that for you. Watch the video, learn more, ask us any questions that you want; we're here to help.

We've partnered up with Send Out Cards, they have an incredibly powerful and efficient system in sending out Note Cards.

It will take you just 5 minutes to get started.

Here is a video that we created for you to get started.


I've created a username and password for you at Send Out Cards

  1. Click on this link to the Send Out Cards website and log in - learn more
  2. Hover over "Main Menu" at the top of the page - learn more
  3. Click on "Campaign Manager" - learn more 
  4. Accept the campaign that I sent you, click on "accept" learn more
  5. Edit the campaign by clicking on the "edit" button learn more
  6. Fill out your return address information learn more
  7. Now you can edit each card learn more
  8. Important step; Add your name on each card after where it says "Sincerely," once you save it, your name will always be there! learn more
  9. You can also add the portrait that we created for you to the front of the card! Click on "picutres" on the top corner, select the portrait that we gave you and use that photo. learn more
  10. Now, change the other cards and your all set! learn more
  11. Click on the "save campaign" button to save this campaign for all of your future Note Cards. learn more
  12. Now you can send these cards to your clients. Remember, you only need to do this once and it will automatically send it out to all of your clients! learn more
  13. Hover over "Main menu"
  14. Create a new contact (which is your client that you are sending the cards to)
  15. Click on "save"
  16. Now choose the campaign that you want to send to them and presto! learn more