Client Christmas Cards

A fantastic way to boost your business through referrals this holiday season!

Imagine gifting your clients a set of 10 custom Christmas cards, each personalized with their name on the front. As they receive this thoughtful gesture, it's not just a holiday gift; it's a seed for business growth.

Your clients will proudly send these cards to their family and friends, and here's where the magic happens. With your branding on every card, you're subtly introduced to their social circles. As the cards circulate, so does your business, as new potential clients learn about you.

It's the perfect recipe for organic referrals that keep on coming. A heartfelt gift that truly multiplies the love and grows your business.

It's Easy. It's Personalized. It's Shipped right to your clients. 


 Just a few of the benefits!

  • Saves You Time: With a streamlined, one-click process, you can easily complete your holiday gifting, giving you more time to focus on your business.

  • Mailed directly to your clients. We create, print, package and mail it right to your clients! Nothing for you to do. 

  • Personalization: Each card is customized with your client's name, ensuring a heartfelt and meaningful gift.
  • Exclusivity: Your clients can't find this unique gift anywhere else, making it a priceless and exclusive offering.

  • Referrals: Your clients will send these cards to all their friends and family, creating conversations about you. And conversations are referrals!

  • Easy, it only takes 5 minutes to do your entire Christmas shopping.

  • Affordable! Only $24.99 per client gift.

Get started, choose your package.



Watch this video for a full description.

How does it work?

1. Choose your client list.
 Simply provide us with your client list. That's it, you're done!

2. We make the gifts.
We then print all the cards and beautifully package them.

3. We mail them to your clients.
We take care of it all for you. Your  Christmas marketing is done! 

 Your client's name on every card.

Impress your clients with these highly customized Christmas Cards. With your client's name on the front of every card they will proudly send them to all of their family and friends.

Every card is a referral.

We place "Compliments of Your Name" on the back of every card. Get your clients referring you to all of their family and friends this Christmas!

Imagine your clients giving you 1000 referrals this Christmas! Every card sent is a referral to you. Would you earn more than $2499 from 1000 referrals? Absolutely!  A 100 client bundle gives you 1000 cards. 

Do your other Christmas gifts create referrals like this for you?


Choose your package; 

50 client bundle $1249 - 100 client bundle $2499 


 How they arrive;

The envelope:

We mail the package directly to your clients as if it comes from you. Your name and address are on the envelope.

When your clients open the envelope they discover this stunning package, the cards arrived wrapped in our custom sleeve where we place "Compliments of Your Name" subtly on the cover.



The Cards;

A beautiful set of 10 Christmas Cards, painted by Nationally recognized artist Russell McRae.








Choose your package;

50 client bundle $1249 100 client bundle $2499


How It Works:

  1. Make your list; You handpick the clients you want to spread holiday cheer to. Create an Excel spreadsheet with the list of clients you want to gift to; we provide you with a handy template.
  2. Give us the list; Email us your template.
  3. We work our magic: creating and printing the cards with your client's names, and your name prominently displayed.
    • Your name is on the outside envelope
    • On the packaging
    • On the back of every card
  4. Mailed right to your clients; We beautifully package the gifts and send them directly to your clients. You'll receive an email confirmation when they're on their way.
  5. Relax; Now, you can relax and bask in the praise from your delighted clients.

This holiday season, make your clients feel extra special with a gift that's heartfelt, personalized, and bound to leave a lasting impression. Get ready for a festive season filled with smiles and referrals!



Can I buy only one set of cards?

We do not sell by the individual set. This is a total client Christmas solution for you. Our goal is to help you give a systemized and personal gift to all of your clients this Christmas.

What if I have more than 50 clients?

It's simple, first purchase a block of 50 sets, add it to your cart, then add another block of cards to your cart until you have what you need.

View our other sets.

 View the 50 bundle set here.

View the 100 bundle set here.

Do you offer multiple choices of cards?

Not at this time, we've created the perfect set of Christmas cards that will make everyone happy.

How do you put the client names on the cards?

After you've purchased the cards, simply email us a spreadsheet of your client's last names and leave the rest up to us. 

What if I don't want my name on the back of the cards?

No problem, we do not have to put "Compliments of Your Name" on the back of the cards, that is totally up to you.

Where do you ship the cards to?

We mail them directly to your clients!!!!

Do you offer discounts?

At $2 a card, including envelopes, our product is of great value to you, we have no room on discounting the price.