Finally, the perfect gift for your clients.

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Now every one of your clients get's a heartfelt gift from you.

This Christmas you can easily give every single of your past clients an incredibly heartfelt and genuine gift. For under $20!

Your clients will receive from you 15 beautiful Christmas cards with their name across the front of the cards. It will be one of the most personal gifts that they would receive this Holiday Season!

Then your clients will proudly mail them to all of their family and friends. And your name is placed on the back of the card - an incredible marketing tool for you.

It's simple, affordable, systematized, heartfelt and it creates referrals for you.

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A set of 15 cards with your clients name across the cards!

What's included


  • 15 custom Christmas Cards
  • Your clients name is placed on the front of the cards
  • You choose the message on the cards
  • Your name is placed on every card
  • You can also place your logo on the cards
  • 15 Matching envelopes
  • Beautifully boxed up ready to gift

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Over 50 cards to choose from

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