Reseller Program

We proudly announce our ReSeller Program!

Since we started selling our portraits 7 years ago, we've been constantly asked if others can sell our portraits for us. Now with 14,000 Portraits created by us; our systems perfected, thousands of happy homeowners and clients -  we are ready to release our ReSeller Program.


How it works;


You're in good hands. We only use the most trusted systems and software.

We use Lead Dyno, a leader in the ReSeller software industry for our software. And we also use Shopify for our e-commerce. Shopify is the e-commerce solution for over 200,000 stores. 

Once you sign up as a ReSeller, you will be given your own individual ID code, a code that is just for you. Every time you send someone to our website that code is automatically assigned to that sale and you get the commision. It's as easy as that!



Earn money for every sale your friends make

When you sign up to our ReSeller program, and you recommend the Portraits to your friends, and your then paid 20% of every portrait they order! 

As an example, If you have a friend that purchases our Gold Portrait Package for her clients, you get $60! Every time they purchase! Imagine if you have 50 friends that then use our Portraits as their closing gifts for their clients. 




How does it work?

1) Once you sign up, we give you your own ID number which you then share with your circle of influence. 

2) You can email it to them, place it on your website, write about it on your social media, whatever works for you. 

3) Then when one of your friends purchase a portrait your account is credited with the sale and you receive the commission. And you receive a percentage of every portrait that they purchase.


What are my earning possibilities?

That depends on how often your friends purchase our Portraits. Having said that, our customers rave about the portraits. And the responses from the homeowners is incredible, usually bringing them to tears of joy. Creating advocates from our customers, where they purchase a portrait for every Real Estate transaction they do.

So if you have 50 friends and they each do 2 deals a month and they all purchase our Gold Portrait Package that would be $6,000 a month in your pocket! And 50 happy friends and 100 ecstatic homeowners. Share the love.


Can my friends also get their friends selling the portraits?

Now here is where the fun begins. Yes, your friends can also get their friends selling the portraits. And you also get a commission from those sales! We will give you 5% of everything they sell.  


What support do I get from you?

We are incredibly passionate about the success of our company, and that success comes from our attention to our customers and our ReSellers. You will be fully supported and we will everything we can to help you with your success. How does that sound?

Contact us.

Please contact me anytime to help you with this.

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How our reseller program works





McRae Portraits affiliate program


 Here is a video to give you more information: