Why Giving a Bottle of Wine as a Closing Gift May Not Always Be the Best Choice for Your Clients

As a realtor, choosing the perfect closing gift for your clients can be a tricky task. While a bottle of wine may seem like a thoughtful gesture, it may not always be the best choice. Here are a few reasons why a realtor should not give a bottle of wine as a closing gift:

It may not be well-received. Some people may not drink alcohol, or may not appreciate receiving a bottle of wine as a gift.

It may not be appropriate for the client's culture or religion.

It may not be appropriate for the situation. Some people may be in recovery for alcoholism or may have other reasons to avoid alcohol.

It may not be a thoughtful or personal gift. A realtor should consider the specific interests and preferences of the client when selecting a closing gift.

It's always safer to be thoughtful and choose something that is useful or personalized to the client's interests or needs.

In conclusion, while a bottle of wine may seem like a simple and elegant closing gift, it may not always be the best choice. As a realtor, it's important to consider the specific interests and preferences of your clients, as well as cultural and religious considerations, when choosing a closing gift. By taking the time to find a thoughtful and personalized gift, you can build stronger relationships with your clients and leave a lasting impression. Remember, a closing gift should be a token of appreciation for the business, but also a way to show that you care and remember your clients even after the transaction is complete.


There are many alternative gifts that a realtor can give to their clients as a closing gift. Some options include:

  1. A home accessory or decor item: This could be something like a personalized doormat, a set of coasters, or a nice piece of wall art.

  2. A gift certificate: This could be for a local restaurant, a spa, or a home improvement store.

  3. A plant or flowers: This could be a small potted plant or a bouquet of flowers.

  4. A custom map of their new neighborhood: This can be a unique and thoughtful way to welcome clients to their new home.

  5. A book or guide on home maintenance or decorating: This can be a helpful resource for clients as they settle into their new home.

  6. A housewarming basket filled with essentials: This could include items like candles, cleaning supplies, or kitchen essentials.

  7. A subscription service: This could be a monthly flower delivery or a food delivery service to help them stock their pantry.

  8. A useful tool or appliance for their new home: This could be something like a kitchen gadget, a power tool, or a smart home device.

Ultimately, the best closing gift is one that is thoughtful, personalized, and useful to your client, it should reflect their interests and needs.


A painting of the client's home can be an incredibly thoughtful and unique closing gift. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. It's personal: A painting of the client's home is a one-of-a-kind gift that they will treasure for years to come. It captures a special moment in their life, and it will always remind them of their new home and the memories they will make there.

  2. It's a lasting reminder: A painting is a more permanent form of art, unlike flowers or plants which will eventually die, it will remain a lasting reminder of their home, and the memories they've made there.

  3. It's versatile: A painting of a client's home can be hung in any room of the house and can complement any decor style.

  4. It's a unique way to say thank you: Giving a painting of their home is a unique way to thank your clients for their business, it shows that you've gone above and beyond to find something special and meaningful for them.

  5. It's a good investment: A painting is not only a beautiful art piece but also an investment, it can appreciate in value over time and can be passed down to the next generations.

  6. It's a gift that keeps giving: A painting of their home is a constant reminder of the memories they've made there, and it will continue to bring them joy and happiness every time they see it.

It's important to consider the client's taste and style when choosing a painting as a gift, and to make sure it's done by a reputable artist. This gesture shows that you not only appreciate your client's business but also care about them and their new home.