Transforming your clients into advocates

Transforming your clients into advocates

How to create and inspire referrals


Your clients absolutely love you!

You've helped them to buy or sell their home. The deal is done, you give your clients the keys as you and your clients go your separate ways.

But how do you ensure that your clients will send you referrals for 5, 10, or even 20 years? And your clients want to send you referrals, alot of them as a matter of fact, do you know that the average client gives at least 5 referrals.








The value of referrals

Not only is someone that is referred to you 4 times more likely to work with you, but that referred client has a 16% higher lifetime value for you. And then to make it even sweeter, that referred client, if they love working with you has an 83% chance that they will refer their friends and family to you. 


So how do you create referrals?

In the beginning of the transaction when your clients have just bought or sold their home your name will come up often, like at their housewarming party, or during their move to their new place. But what about 3 years later? 5 years later? How do you ensure that they are still talking about you?

In order for your clients to continue to refer you, your clients need something that sparks conversations about you. An anchor that creates passionate conversations about YOU to all of their family and friends. A conversation piece that will continuously get your clients to rave about you.

That is why we are so passionate about our portraits. Not only are they a heartfelt gift for your clients, but as they hang on your client's wall they will create those conversations about you for decades to come.

It's proven that referrals are vital for your business, so I challenge you to ask yourself; what do you give your clients that will spark those conversations about you? What do you give your clients that will keep them raving about you for decades to come? What do you give your clients that will transform them from clients into advocates of your business?


Russell McRae