Top of mind with your clients

Top of mind with your clients


Are you keeping top of mind with your clients?

When I ask you to name a type of car, a coffee shop or a brand of peanut butter, one name will come to mind quickly with you. Those brands that were top of mind for you have been expertly branded.

This did not happen by accident. The branding experts at those top of mind brands followed a distinct formula for planting themselves at the top of your mind.

So how do you keep your brand top of mind with your clients?


  1. Make an emotional connection. Today, people are not as concerned with the facts of a brand, they care about how that brand makes them feel. The emotional satisfaction is one of the single most important factors when a customer determines if they want to purchase or use that brand.


  1. Stay present. According to the Author Thomas Smith, a consumer will have to be exposed to a brand more than 20 times before he or she builds an emotional attachment to a brand.


  • Be unique. Most companies believe that they can be top of mind by imitating their competitors.But ironically enough all that does is solidify the competition's top of mind status! Grow your top of mind status by being the brand that totally different from the rest.

  • How do our portraits keep you top of mind with your clients?


    An emotional connection; The portrait of your clients home is an incredibly powerful way to make an emotional connection with your clients. When your clients look at that painting, in subtle letters at the bottom, your clients will see your name. Your name becomes anchored to this special experience. Over and over, they’ll feel gratitude for your help and your sincere, inspiring gift keeping your brand present in a very unique way.