Stay in contact with your clients for 5 years - guaranteed.

Stay in contact with your clients for 5 years - guaranteed.

74% of clients will give you a referral if you stay in touch.

So the question is, how long after you help your clients do you stay in touch, and more importantly, are you consistent in keeping in touch with your clients.

We're proud to offer you our 5 year client follow up program! A powerful tool that will help you reach out to your clients every year on the anniversary of the deal for 5 years.

When you purchase a portrait from us, you can then also purchase our 5 year follow up program for your clients. You can only purchase the follow up program if you buy a portrait from us.

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How does it work?

You close a deal with your clients and you purchase a portrait from us. If you also buy the 5 year follow up program we will then send you a series of reminder emails with E cards of your clients home! Your clients will be incredibly impressed with you and your service.

Here's a great example, it's the Christmas season and you automatically receive an email from us on December 5 saying "Send your clients this Christmas ecard, they will love it!" and included in the email is the E card with your clients home on it!

When do we send you the reminders?


3 months later

Strike when the deal is hot and send your clients a thank you for your business e card.

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A perfect time to reach out to your clients, and what a better way than with a Christmas card with their home on the front.

1st Anniversary

It's been one year already, check in with your clients!

2nd Anniversary

Time flies and it's been a year since you reached out to your clients.

 And every anniversary for 5 years!