Referrals, a lesson from Walt Disney

Referrals, a lesson from Walt Disney

I've seen our clients make over $100,000 using this simple tool. A valuable lesson from Disneyland.

My Dad has been sending Disneyland referrals for over 30 years and he doesn't even know he's been doing it. "This trip to Disneyland was the best trip we ever took as a family!"  is a story that my Dad told every single person that has entered our home.

So how did Disneyland convert my Dad into an advocate?

It's so simple that it's overlooked. They gave my Dad a tool that let my Dad talk about Disneyland. That tool was a simple photo on our wall.

In this video I will explain how we can help you convert your clients into advocates. Advocates that will send you referrals for 30 years, just like my Dad did for Disneyland.

Watch the video to learn more.