Realtors, What do you give a client that has everything?

Realtors, What do you give a client that has everything?

What do you give a client that has everything?

You've been working with your clients know for a long time and you found them the perfect house or you sold her house. Your clients have everything. They spent their life times accumulating things. So what do you give them for the closing gift?

You can't just give your clients more schwa half or more goods that they already have. See spent days trying to think of the perfect gift. Do you send them out for dinner? Well know because that's gone the next day. Do you give them a ball the wine? No again. Because they'll have a couple glasses and that bottle will end up in the recycling. Do you give them a barbecue? They are to have one. How would a lawnmower? Nope they have one to.

You need to give your clients a gift that is heartfelt, something that they cannot buy, something original just for them. You need to give them a gift that shows them how one-of-a-kind of a client they are.

That is why we are so excited about our house portraits. They are deeply personal gift that your clients will treasure. They can't buy this anywhere else. So to them this is a heartfelt gift and not just something they can go to Canadian Tire and purchase.

So if you're looking for a gift for your clients at the end of the transaction that is heartfelt, original and sincere we highly recommend you give them a portrait of their home.

The portrait will hang on the wall for decades to come, keeping you top of mind every day with your clients. And every day when they walk by the sea that portrait they look up and they think of you, and their relationship with you. That reinforces every single day how good of relationship they have with you. Does a bottle of wine do that?

And then as it hangs on their wall whenever their friends and family come by they look up and they see the painting and they say hey at the painting of your home! Your clients will probably shout out yeah I love this house! We've been here for years and is amazing.

Their friend will then ask will where did you get that portrait from? And that is where your client gives the most powerful referral that they ever will; they will say "my realtor gave this to me, isn't it incredible!" And that is the most powerful referral you could ever ask for.

Not only are our house portraits a deeply heartfelt gift, but they are also a tool that keeps you top of mind and generates referrals for you for decades to come!

We highly recommend you begin giving our house portraits to all of your clients and enjoy a huge boom to your business.

Russell McRae