Realtors, never put a logo on a gift.

How many times have you been at a conference and been given the "gift" of a polo shirt emblazoned with another company's logo on it, you can be walking, talking billboard for their product or service? They might as well be screaming "thank you so much for spending $2000 to attend our conference. Here's a shirt you'll never wear and you'll automatically want to get to goodwill. We love you!"

They are hoping you will wear the shirt with their logo and inspire someone to bring it up in conversation; which doesn't make much sense. Most CEOs and high profile people are never going to wear branded polo advertising someone else's business. If the tacky is thing in the world to do.

When you make a gift all about you, it's not a gift.

So after you help the client buy or sell a home, why would you give them a set of knives with your name written on the knives. Give them a gift that is all about them, all about their success; not about you. That is why a painting of their home is the perfect gift, it celebrates your client success, shows them and lets them talk about how proud they are of what they've done in their life.

So the next time I deal is done with your clients give them a painting of their home as a heartfelt and sincere gift to celebrate them.

Enjoy the painting.

Russell McRae,


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This is from the book Giftology by John Ruhlin,I highly recommend this book.