Realtors, make sure you read this before you give a gift.

Imagine that you go to someone's wedding and as a gift you give them a crystal vase from Tiffany & Co. And you decide to engrave your name right on the front of the vase. If you find this at all tacky, why would you do this for a gift that you give to your clients? Why would you give a corporate gift with your name emblazoned on the front of it?

When you make a gift all about you, it's no longer a gift but a piece of marketing material.

Gifts are meant to be all about the recipient, from the timing to the personalization to the gift itself. Once all about you and your company, it shows a lack of genuine appreciation for the recipient.

Like many things, a gift is only as effective as a way it is given. So instead of giving your clients at closing gift with your branding smeared all over the front, think of a gift that will inspire and open up the heart of your clients. I'm incredibly proud to make just that gift for you, a painting of your clients home. It says to the client, I see you, I know how hard you worked for this and I want to say thank you and tell you how much I appreciate it.

Enjoy the painting.

Russell McRae,


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This is from the book Giftology by John Ruhlin,I highly recommend this book.