Generate referrals for decades to come through our heartfelt gift; a painting of your clients home.

Let's talk all referrals.

We all know that referrals are truly the lifeblood of a thriving company. We can't outspend our competition, we can't out market our competition. But what we can do is treat your clients well and give them the tools available to reap the rewards of referrals.

So we all agree that referrals are important. But how are they created? What a referral is is a passionate conversation that your client has with one of their friends or family or peers. And it needs to be at passionate conversation. If it's not passionate it's just small talk. And small talk does not inspire. And it needs to inspire to create that referral.Realtors, create referrals for decades to come through heartfelt gift of a house portrait from McRae portraits

Your clients have to speak about you in such a way that it inspires her friends and family to say to themselves "I don't have a relationship like that with my realtor. I don't brag about my realtor." Once that thought is placed in their mind, the referral is generated. Because they want to feel the same way that your clients feel about you. They want to have a good relationship with their realtor. And seeing their friend have that good relationship with you inspires them to want to work with you. That is the very centre of a referral.

So you know your clients love you and you know they want to refer you but the real question is what do you give to your clients that sparks the conversation about you that creates a referral?Keep yourself top of mind through a heartfelt gift of a house portrait from McRae portraits

A referral does not just come up out of the blue, something has to create that conversation about you. So what do you give your clients that creates a conversation? Your good service that's just a start. That's expected of you. That doesn't generate referrals at least after the transaction it doesn't.

You calling your clients once in a while and checking up with them does not inspire referrals. It's a great conversation and it's very important to have to stay in contact with your clients, but it doesn't generate referrals.

You need to give your clients something physical that sparks the conversation about you over and over and over again. That is exactly what our house portraits do! As the painting hangs on your client's wall for decades to come it will spark conversations about you to all of their friends and family.Referrals are created from a passionate conversation by your clients and a painting of their home creates that passionate conversation. A house portrait from reports

So how does it do that? Well as the portrait hangs on your client's wall, and their friends come over to visit they will look up see the portrait and say "hey! Isn't that your house?" And your clients will say "yeah it is, we've been here for years now we absolutely love it it's wonderful." And their friend will say "well who gave you that portrait of your house?!"

And this is where the referral kicks in; your clients then say "you wouldn't believe it, my realtor gave it to me after they helped us by this house!"

And that is exactly where the referral kicks in because their friend or family member will say you know what my realtor didn't give me anything when he help me sell my house. Or all I got was a bottle of wine. And they will be hungry for feeling the same way their friend feels towards you. And that inspiration is the centre of a referral.

So what do you give to your clients that will spark endless conversations about you in a passionate way? It's really important you think about this, and it's very important that you give this tool to your clients.

A house portrait from McRae portraits. A powerful heartfelt gift for your clientsSo we recommend that you go to MCRAE PORTRAITS.COM and take a look at the portraits we've created for thousands of realtors across the country.

Helping you inspire your clients in generating referrals for decades to come!