Realtors, how many messages are people hit with in a day?

Back in the 1990s, people were hit on average with 3000 messages a day. But now, the average person is hit with at least 30,000 messages a day. People can only process so many things at a time, and because we are literally being bombarded every which way, our circuits have become overloaded. Where dictatorial phones, our email, and social media. To get somebody's attention and keep it for more than five seconds it's almost impossible.

It happens even when you get actual face time with someone. You might have a great dinner with the client, but within 24 hours, 30,000 messages have potentially eclipsed yours.

It's one of our key messages: the tangible gifts your clients hold in their hands become one of the few avenues you have to actively engage them. And through those gifts, you can engage them not just in the moment, but as time goes on. It's one thing to be on top of someone's mind for a few minutes. It's an entirely different scenario when you can stay on his or her mind indefinitely.

Enjoy the painting.

Russell McRae,

Paintings start at only $200 and arrive matted, framed, nestled in our handmade packaging, with a thank you card ready to present to your clients.


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This is from the book Giftology by John Ruhlin,I highly recommend this book.