Realtors give your client a heartfelt gift

Realtors give your client a heartfelt gift

Realtors, the importance of a heartfelt gift.

When you done your transaction with your clients and the home is either bought or sold now is a perfect opportunity for you to give your clients a heartfelt gift. A heartfelt gift that resonates with them, that show them just how much you care.

See when I was flipping houses for a living and at the end of the transaction my realtors would give me a bottle wine or a gift basket. Those gifts meant nothing to me. I knew how much that bottle of wine is. I could go to the store and purchase it myself. And inside the gift basket with food that I didn't even want it meant nothing to me. It was not inspiring.

That's how I came up with the house portraits as a closing gift. They are a deeply personal gift that will inspire your clients and help deepen your relationship with them. It shows them just how much you care. It says them I know how much this new home means to you or I know how hard it is to leave this home. And I'm been a give you a thank you gift that directly relates to that transaction.

A lot of realtors see the closing gift is something they have to do, but I see it as a wonderful opportunity to deepen your relationship with your clients. Take this moment and give them a gift that they will treasure for years to come. Give them a painting of their home from McRae portraits.

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