Realtors, don't stress just do it.

Realtors, quite often the idea of gifting can easily cause a lot of people to stress out. They plan to send out 100 gifts and then begin to worry that someone might not like the gift, or that it will bring the many results. I could philosophy is this: in baseball, you are a Hall of Famer if you can bat 3/10. As it relates to gifting, the seeds that fall on for tile soil will more than outweigh the seeds that don't. You don't need every gift to create of return for it to be a successful investment.

People also stress over the potential of the gift gone wrong. I'm not gonna lie, it does happen.

But is far more important to give a gift than it is to sit and wait on the sidelines wondering what to do. We've helped thousands of realtors give the perfect gift to their clients. A painting of your client's home is a wonderful gift. How do you know that? Because you just help that client purchase that house, you know they love the house, so you can be very confident that they will appreciate the painting of that same home.

Enjoy the painting.

Russell McRae,


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This is from the book Giftology by John Ruhlin,I highly recommend this book.