Note cards, a powerful marketing tool that will deepen your relationship their clients in a heartfelt way.

You come home from a long day work, you open your mailbox and all you see our bills and marketing material. When was the last time you got a handwritten thank you card in the mail? I bet it's been a very very long time. So let's talk about that.

Thanks to email social media sending handwritten thank you cards are now a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with your clients. Nobody gets mail anymore. So when your clients receive a handwritten letter from you in their mailbox it will stand out and I will make them feel honoured. Probably the last time they received a handwritten card was from their grandma when they were kids on their birthday.

I would even guess that no one they've ever done business with has ever sent them a handwritten thank you card. So how do you think you will stand out when you do that? How do you think this will benefit and deepen your relationship with your client

this is perhaps the most simple thing you can do for your business and helping it grow. Spend the first 30 minutes of your day, sitting at your desk, have a cup of coffee, grab a stack of five cards and one by one send thank you letters to your clients. It will put you in a place of gratitude for the rest of the day and is a wonderful way to start the day with the intention of thank you.

So now take it to the next step, as I like to do, enter into your CRM that you sent them a card that way you can keep track of who you sent cards to or not. And you can set timed follow-up emails or calls to them which is the perfect addition to sending a card.

I'm not sure what CRM you use there are so many out there you can just take your pick and what you like. I think a lot of people are nervous about sending cards because they can't remember all did I send one to that client last month or three weeks ago or four months ago, what did I say I don't want to seem insincere by sending them the same card again. And because of that, they freeze and they don't send any cards, which is worse!

So grab a coffee grab some time, grab some notecards, send some nice messages to clients, put it into your CRM, do this every day, your business will thank you for it.

Russell McRae