Marketing; mastering the art of the emotional connection

 we are emotional beings

We're all just a bag of emotions.

I know, most of us don't want to admit it, but we are essentially emotional beings wrapped in skin. Every decision we make is based upon our emotions. What coffee shop we go to, what clothes we wear, what Realtor do we choose, all based upon those complex emotions of ours.

Connecting with your clients.

If we agree that emotions run our lives, how can we use this information to connect with our clients on a deeper level and also increase our business? 

If you have no feelings at all about a company, you may never shop there. If you have some feelings, you may stop there occasionally. But, if you feel a strong connection to that company, you will choose to shop there often. Or you may even become a loyal customer. And given the right opportunity, you would even refer them to your family and friends.

Knowing that, marketers try to enhance those relationships. Low prices don't trigger emotional connections. Neither do sales. People have to see a company's values at work. And giftvertising is an emotional way for companies to try and do just that. Giftvertising, when done sincerely, springs from the core beliefs of a company.

What is Giftvertising?

 Giftvertising is the simple act of saying thank you to your clients with a heartfelt gift. And it needs to be truly heartfelt and most of all; sincere. It needs to be a gift that says to your clients that you recognize them. It's nothing about you, it's all about your clients.

And it's a dangerous strategy, because if the sudden generosity comes from an institution not known for its humanity. Our antennas are too finely tuned for that and we will call bullshit on it and the opposite effect will happen - distrust.


How can we help you with this?

There are a thousand places to shop for your clients, and you know your clients the best. One of your clients may love anything to do with his Porsche, or another client may just adore his dog, the possibilities go on and on. But you also know that your clients love their home that you helped them to buy or sell. That much you know for sure. That's where we step in; we create a heartfelt gift for your clients that will deepen your relationship with them - a beautiful painting of their home.

The painting will pull at your client's heartstrings and it will surprise them to the point of inspiration. Which is exactly what Giftvertising is all about.

"That's where we step in; we create a heartfelt gift for your clients that will deepen your relationship with them - a beautiful painting of their home."

Let's bring it home.

But at the end of the day, giftvertising is about attracting more customers. It all comes down to whether you're okay with giving turning into receiving…