Keeping yourself top of mind for clients.

Keeping yourself top of mind for clients.

The most important job is for you to stay top of mind with your clients

so you've worked hard to ensure that your clients have bought or sold perfect home for them. They love you you love them it was an incredible transaction and everybody is happy. They move into their new home the boxes are unpacked and everything is settled in months go by. As your client's life gets busy they slowly begin to forget about you. It's not that they want to forget about you is just that life is busy. They forget about their own relatives!

So how do you stay top of mind with your clients long after the transaction is done?

Here is a list of the few ways he was a top of mind.
Send them thank you cards once in a while. A beautiful hand written note card is a really wonderful way to remind your clients just how much you care about them. It's a heartfelt and personal way to reach out to them.

Pick up the phone and call them
your clients want to hear from you, they want to talk about how their life is in their new home that you help get, they're proud of it! So grab the phone give him a call check in with them say hey how's it going how's everything treating you. Thank you so much for your business totally appreciated. Tell him about the market how well is doing since they worked with you.

Send them a random gift
maybe there's a home show coming up in your town and you can send them a couple of tickets. Maybe it's summer time he just want to send them a gift certificate to an outdoor event that's happening in their town. Send them a bottle of wine for just a random reason. Surprise them keep them active.

Give them a portrait of their home
when you give your clients a painting of their home it will hang on their wall for decades to come. Every day they will be thinking about you. Every day you will be top of mind with your clients.

Send them an email
emails do get lost in the clutter, we all get busy I totally get that. But it's a simple way to connect with your clients and send them something to remind them of you I would highly recommend that you start a drip campaign where you can send them tailored emails set up months in advance. I highly recommend it's a wonderful tool that is very very powerful.

Keeping top of my with your clients is a full-time job and should not be forgotten about I know it's easy to go chasing after the next client in Windham over and meet new people but it's your current client database that is the most powerful tool that you will ever have. Nurture it. Use it. Grow it.

I hope this article helps!