Keeping you top of mind every day with your clients

Keeping you top of mind every day with your clients

Imagine if every day when your clients were in their kitchen they thought of you. Every morning when your clients woke up and made themselves their 1st cup of coffee your name was top of mind.

The kitchen is the heart of every home, the place where we spend the most amount of time. That's why we are so proud to present our beautiful custom engraved cutting boards. Our cutting boards have your clients home and their name engraved perfectly into the board. And compliments of your name is placed below. Ensuring that every time your clients enter their kitchen you are top of mind.

Our cutting boards are so powerful because it's about your client and their success, unlike other branded material it's not about you. And because of that, your clients will treasure these cutting boards, place them in a place of prominence, and use them every day with pride.

If you're looking to keep yourself top of mind with your clients every day in a heartfelt and subtle way then we highly recommend that you look at giving your clients one of our deeply personal cutting boards.

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What we offer
We have two different kinds of boards, one that has your clients home engraved into the cutting board with their name placed in front and subtly complements of your name at the bottom. Our second cutting board does not have their home engraved but just their name and compliments of your name below.

How to use the cutting boards in your marketing plan
Here is how we recommend that you use the cutting boards as a marketing plan for your clients.


Converting your cold clients into advocates

If you have a client that you haven't spoken to in a very long time, and they are a great client, we recommend that you just send them a cutting board. They won't expect it. It's a beautiful gift that reminds them of their relationship with you. No other agent has ever sent them something like this before. It will absolutely inspire your clients, make them feel treasured by you and transform that client into an advocate. Then give your clients a call, their response over the phone will be amazing!
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One year anniversary gift
Imagine that it's been one year since you helped your clients buy or sell their home and as a thank you gift you send them a personalized cutting board; a powerful way to reconnect with your clients again.


 Its' all about standing out and being remembered and we're here to help.