Keeping top of mind with your clients through a heartfelt gift

Keeping top of mind with your clients through a heartfelt gift

How do you stay top of mind with your clients in a way that gets them speaking about you over and over and over again for decades to come?

The answer lies in this; your grandma's aerial photograph of her home.

We've all seen them, hanging on the wall and aerial photograph of the person's home. And it hangs there on the wall for so long that when you finally take it off the rest of the wall around the photograph is sunbleached. It's been hanging up for years. How many open houses have you been in were you seeing that aerial photograph on someone's wall?

How many times has that person walked by the photograph their life? Thousands of times! Every day they walked down the hallway they passed by the photograph, every time they had to the kitchen, every time they had to the bedroom, they see that photograph. Now imagine if your name was on that treasured piece of memorabilia.

At McRae portraits, that is exactly what we create for you, a heartfelt gift that your clients will treasure for decades to come. Not only will they treasure it but they will hanging on their wall in a prominent place in their home and every day, thousands of times they will walk by that gift from you. There is nothing better that keeps you top of mind then a portrait of your client's home hanging on the wall.

How does it work? You simply send us the MLS photo and we paint that photo and turn it into a beautiful work of art that your clients will admire.

So the end of the deal and during the liquor store holding a bottle of wine that you can give to your clients as a gift I want you to think to yourself, will this bottle of wine keep me top of mind with my clients?

Thanks for reading,
Russell McRae