keeping top of mind generates referrals for you

keeping top of mind generates referrals for you

How and why to stay top of mind with your clients

Referrals are only generated when your clients have a passionate conversation about you with their friends and family. So how do you make sure your clients keep talking about you to all their family and friends for years and years to come?

This is a very important question, what do you do for your clients to ensure that they keep talking what you? Imagine where your business would be if every one of your clients continued to actively refer you to every single one of their friends for years to come. If you had started this when you first started your career, how different would your business look today? Do you think it’s a strong possibility that your business would have experienced explosive growth? Do you think your business would be a much healthier place than is now if every single one of your clients referred you to all the friends and family?

So if you believe that to be true, it’s never too late to start this new systematization of referral repeat business for your company. Here’s where we can help at McRae portraits. We can create for you the tool, the actual object, that creates those passionate conversations about you. We can give you the conversation starter that will send you endless referrals. Not only will it send you constant referrals but it is also a heartfelt and genuine gift for your clients that they will truly treasure.

Not only will it send you constant referrals but it is also a heartfelt and genuine gift for your clients that they will truly treasure.

So let's picture this; when you finish a deal with your clients you say ”thank you very much” and you present your clients a gift box. Your clients graciously accept it and they begin to open up the box. Soon they realize that what they are holding is their home as a piece of artwork. Tears will well up in their eyes and they will wrap their arms around you and give you a big thank you hug. 

The first thing they will do is hang that house portrait up in the front entrance of their home so everyone can proudly see it. Why? Because they are proud of their success and this artwork represents that success for them. So in the foyer it will hang and every time their friends and family come over they will look up and say to your client  "Hey, is that your house?”.

Your clients will proudly talk about their home and how much they love it. And then that is where their friend or family member will ask them where did they get that artwork from? And this is where the referral comes in, your clients will proudly tell them that you gave them this beautiful work of art and how much they love working with you. This is the most powerful referral that you can ask for! Your clients have just passionately talked about their experience with you to their friend or family member. So much that so that it will inspire their friend and family member. They will want to feel that way!

So when your client’s family members are looking for a realtor they will remember that passionate conversation they had with your client and they will ask them, what’s the name of your realtor again?

Now imagine where every single one of your clients had the same conversation with every single one of their friends and family, and they did that for decades to come. How big would your business be now?

So let us at McRae portraits help you grow your referral business through a heart filled genuine gift of our portraits. Show your clients how much you care about them with his wonderful gift and give them the opportunity to talk about you with all their family and friends. Everybody wins.

I hope you got a lot of this article and that you shift your attention to transforming your clients into advocates, advocates that rave about you.

Russell McRae