keeping in contact with your clients with notecards

Staying in contact with your clients is a vital aspect of your business.

So many realtors get excited about a new lead they meet them for dinner they build a great relationship with them they help them buy or sell a home and then after the transaction is done they slip away and the relationship ends. Everyone after that is left feeling unfulfilled in a little bit empty after that.

He worked so hard to build a deep relationship with your clients going to let slip away.

So how do you guarantee that you will stay in contact with your clients for years to come? Well, it's as simple as sending your clients a hand written note card once in a while.

People don't receive mail anymore, all they usually get our bills. So when they receive a handwritten thank you card from you, it will stand out amongst a sea of bills, brochures, and marketing material.

We highly recommend that you send your clients at least six handwritten note cards every single year. There's never a lack of opportunity to send a card, you have Christmas, New Year's, spring, anniversary of helping them with their deal, just because! The list goes on.

A note card with your clients home on the front

Your clients love you, and they loved working with you, keep that relationship warm through a simple gesture of a handwritten card.

At McRae portraits all of our gifts automatically come with at least one thank you card, and you can buy packs of 12. We know how important this is and were here to help you.

So for all those clients under that love you drop them a card and keep that relationship warm and fuzzy!

Thank you so much
Russell McRae,