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I am a Senior Financial Planner, working on the North Shore, and specializing in helping Pre-Retired and Retired families navigate the next 20 years of their lives.  I have had the privilege of working with Mr S for the past 8 years, and have only had the opportunity to meet one of Mr S's son's in the past 2 years.  Mr S is now 89 years of age, and has unfortunately been put in the position to have to move in to a care home, something of which has been a struggle for him in regards to his social circles and his independence.  Due to the change in his residency, he has needed to sell his home of 45+ years – a home to which his son has admitted "Dad has put his blood, sweat and tears in to over the past few decades".   Since the property sale has gone through, and the understanding that the house (sitting straddling two legal lots in North Vancouver) will be torn down for redevelopment, Mr S has been calling on his family and friends to take whatever plants they want from the garden to help preserve what they can. 


 Understanding the emotional attachment to this home for Mr S, I sought out the gift of a custom print from Russell McRae.  Due to Mr S's health, I was not able to present the package to him directly, but had a short, but rewarding meeting with the one son I had formed a connection with.  It was an emotional reveal for the son, understanding the value it will have for his father.  It was something different, personal, and thoughtful, which is what helped solidify the deposit of the funds from the property sale with me for the long-term estate management plan.


I am actively engaging other opportunities to use Russell's services as it has tremendous value for my clients, and separates me from the crowd. 

Jeff Johns, CFP®, TD

Senior Financial Planner

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jeff johns TD


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Jeff Johns, CFP®

Senior Financial Planner

Tel: 604-981-5816

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