How to ensure that your clients will send you referrals for decades to come through top of mind advertising

How to create an endless stream of referrals for your business.

We know how hard you work for your business and how well you treat your clients. Your clients love you and they should. And after the deal is done there is a beautiful opportunity for your clients to be able to refer you to all of their family and friends for decades to come.

So look at your business, and see which of your clients actually refers you. Not just refers you once or twice but continues to refer you for decades. I'm guessing that it's not as many clients as you would like. Sure they refer you in the beginning after the deal is done but after time those referrals start to dry up. Why is that?

That's because your clients don't have a tool that reminds them on a daily basis about you. They don't have something that generates those conversations about you, which is the lifeblood for referral.

Here's an example; during the hockey season a fan of a hockey team will talk about that team with all of their friends and family, they will wear their favourite hockey jersey to work, they will invite their friends over to watch the game, they live and breathe that team. But once the playoffs are done in the ice is melted those passionate conversations about their favourite team will dwindle. Until the next season that is.

That's exactly how it is with your clients; when the deal is done in the transaction is made in their life is all about real estate, that is when the referrals happen. But just like in hockey when the season ends the referrals dry up.

So how do you keep those referrals coming in the door? You need to give your clients a tool that reminds them of you every single day. With our house portraits that is exactly what happens. Every day your clients wake up and walked to the kitchen and on the wall is a painting of their home, that gift from you, that will remind them of their success and in turn will remind them of you. This daily anchor is what creates top of mind marketing for you.

So take a deep look your business and see what you give to your clients that enables them to think of you every day and give you those referrals. It will change a business forever!

Thank you so much,