Grow your revenue through referrals

How to radically grow your revenue through referrals.

If you are a realtor, referrals are the most important tool to grow your business. You can't out advertise people he can't outspend other people. That's a race to just spending more more money. Your past customers are your best source of new business. Your clients love you! And they want to keep working with you. They want to send their friends to you. They want to send their family to you.

Why do they want to send people to you? Because they want to continue to believe that they made a good choice in working with you. The more people they sent you the more it reinforces their belief system in you. So your clients actually really want to send customers to you! The more people to send to you the more they will be reinforced of how much they believe in you. Which reinforces their belief in their good decision.

So, how do you get your clients to send you referrals? You can't just ask them for referrals, what you can, but it's not the most powerful way to do it. What is the best way to do it? You need to give your clients a tool that will spark conversations about you in a passionate way that creates referrals. You need to give them something that will get them talking about you over and over and over again. That is exactly what our house portraits do.

As our portraits hang on your clients wall, it will spark conversations about you. Your clients will probably talk about themselves through the portrait and of course they will end up talking what you did for them.

Referrals are the most important part of your business, plan for it, get your clients excited and onboard about you!