Don't get lost in the shuffle

Don't get lost in the shuffle
"We make a life by what we get. We make a life by what we give." 
-Winston Churchill

Darren Hardy, the publisher of Success Magazine, once shared a story at a Real Estate conference. He said that back in the 1990's, people were hit on average, with 3,000 messages a day. When he said that, it was like a collective gasp went up in the room... until he went on to point out that, now, the average person is hit with at least thirty thousand messages a day.

He made his point: people can only process so many things at a time, and because we are literally being bombarded ever which way, our circuits have become overloaded. We're addicted to our phones, our email and social media. To get somebody's attention and keep it for more than five seconds is almost impossible.

Imagine that you took your clients out for dinner last night, by the end of the day today, your clients would of received 30,000 messages; including from another Realtor - your competition!

So how do you NOT get lost in the shuffle? How do you stay top of mind with your clients every single day?

This is the most important keys to what we help you with; the tangible gifts your clients hold in their hands become one of the few avenues you have to actively engage them. And it's through those gifts, you can engage them not just in that moment, but as time goes on, day after day after day. It's an entirely different scenario, and a game changer for your business, when you can stay on his or her mind indefinitely.

So what gifts do you give your clients?

A bottle of wine? A dinner out? A gift basket? Flowers? Yes, those are totally acceptable gifts, but you have to ask yourself, after the bottle of wine has been consumed, or the dinner out is over - Do those gifts keep you top of mind the next day after your clients have received thirty thousand messages the next day or the Ten Million messages over the next year? And how many of those Ten Million messages would of been from another Realtor!

That is why we are so proud to help Realtors stay at the very front of those ten million messages. Imagine that your clients, as a gift from you, have a painting of their home hanging proudly on their wall of their home. And that painting has your name in the corner of the painting. Every day they walk by that painting and every day they think of you. Every day, you're top of mind with your clients. 

Not only are you at the very front of your clients mind every day, but they also send you referrals. Let's picture your clients having a dinner party with all their family and friends. One by one, those guests walk into your clients home and they see the painting of their home hanging in the entry way of the home. "Wow, is that a painting of your home?" they ask you client. "Yup, we love it, we've had it for 10 years now, you can see it before we did the renovations." your clients proudly say. "Where did you get the painting?" their Uncle asks. "From our Realtor, it was such a thoughtful gift." That is the referral that will happen over and over again from your clients.