TD Bank deposited Thank you's

TD Bank deposited Thank you's

 TD inspired it's customers with a simple Thank you.

 You have an incredible opportunity here to transform your business. By changing your clients into advocates. Advocates that will send you referrals from all of their friends and family members.

Heck, if TD, a cold impersonal bank can inspire their customers, you definitely can!


One of the most endearing traits of Canadians is that we're unfailingly polite.

As a matter of fact, cameras catch a surprising number of Canadians actually saying "thank you" to bank machines when they get their cash.

A large percentage of Canadians thank ATMs when they get their money. (


That's just the way we are. But recently, TD Bank decided to thank its customers. Last July, TD customers at over 1,100 branches received a little surprise. The bank turned their ATMs from Automated Teller Machines into "Automated Thanking Machines." 

As people did their banking, they were completely surprised to discover little green envelopes coming out of the slots containing $20 with a note saying, "TD thanks you."

When TDBank said "Thank you" to their customers with a little surprise cash, customers couldn't believe it. (TD CANADA TRUST)


Customers using TD phone and online banking services got $20 directly deposited into their accounts. According to one report, over 30,000 customers were given $20 each, which means over $600,000 was gifted that day.


But that wasn't all. Sometimes, the ATMs said thank-you to TD customers by name: 



 The personal thank-you's were meant to ignite emotion with viewers because rather than just giving out twenty-dollar bills, these thank you's were based around the details of these customer's lives.

 As of this writing, The Automated Thanking Machine video has been viewed over 19 million times. At its peak, it generated over 1200 tweets per hour. As one article noted, most banks don't generate 1200 tweets in a year.

If TD can do it, so can you

Now I realize that you don't have the budget of TD bank to give away $600,000 in a day to your clients. But you do have the opportunity of giving your clients a surprise gift! Giving a gift to your clients at a random moment creates a surprise that stimulates serotonin; the feel-good hormone in the body. 

So jump onto your computer, go to your A list clients and surprise them with a heartfelt gift and create that lovin feeling towards you and your brand.