Closing gifts for realtors.

The deal is complete the transaction is done, your clients love you. Now what?

Personally, I flipped five houses in my career. And every time I would flip a house my realtor would give me a gift, usually just a small gift like a bottle of wine or gift basket. So why is a gift expected from realtors? I always found that really interesting, why is it that a realtor is supposed to give me a gift but a car salesman's not. Or dentist is not. And I thought about that a lot until I realized I was asking the wrong question. What it actually should be thinking about here is this gift is a wonderful opportunity to deepen the connection with my clients.

See when I got those gifts from the realtors it did have a big impact on me. The more heartfelt of a gift, the deeper the relationship I felt with my realtor. I actually remember one realtor gave me a $10 bottle of wine and how that made me feel. I actually never worked to that realtor again just because they gave me a $10 bottle of wine. Which was so frustrating because they worked so hard to get me the house and then they turn around and give me a $10 bottle of wine. I felt insulted to be honest with you. And then another realtor to help me on a house gave me a very very nice personal gift photograph of me in front of my house framed on my wall. I loved it I thought it was a wonderful gift and I continue to work with that realtor.

So I want you to think that when you help someone buy or sell a home there is an excellent opportunity there to deepen the relationship through a gift. That is what inspired me to create McRae house portraits. I helped thousands of realtors deepen their connection with her clients or gift

Imagine you help a client by a home and then you turns them and you give them a box. They open it up and they dig through the box and inside is a painting of their new home that you just help them buy or sell! Think about the impact that would have on your clients.

This space for a gift is a wonderful chance for you to deepen your relationship with them and to give them a gift that keeps you top of mind for decades to come. Don't give them a bottle of wine, don't give them a cheesy gift that they will just throw out take the time to think of something personal and heartfelt.

With this new way of thinking you will transform your clients into advocates that will send you referrals for decades to come. Thank you.