Christmas advocates

Christmas advocates

What if your clients called YOU this Christmas?

Imagine that your clients call YOU at Christmas and rave about you on the phone! You just sit back and have your clients call you and tell you how amazing you are.

I know, it sounds to good to be true. How does that happen? It's so simple, you just need to give your clients something that inspires them to call you.

What is that you ask? 
 You're going to love this


Send your clients some Christmas cheer.

We've created an incredibly heartfelt gift for you to give to your clients. A Christmas hello with your clients home right in the image! Your clients will love it.

How does it work;

After you order a portrait from us, we automatically, at Christmas, email you this incredible tool in reaching out to your clients. A Christmas picture with your clients home on the front!

 If this was for your client, we would place your clients home in the middle of this image and then email it to you. You then simply save the image and at Christmas email it to your clients with a personal note. Your clients will be absolutely amazed. 


Impress your clients so much that they will be excited to speak with you.

Why do we all have trouble calling our past clients? Because we feel like we are intruding on them, or maybe because we don't know what to say. This changes everything. Once your clients receive an email from you with their home on the front they will be so surprised and impressed that they will be the one to call you.


Your clients as advocates for you!

In this modern age it doesn't take much for your clients to become advocates of you. Advocates that will refer you to all of their friends and family and choose to work with you for decades to come. But in order to create them as an advocate you need to connect with them, and continue to connect with them in a heartfelt way. This Christmas card does just that. It connects with your clients and reminds them just how much you care about them and their success.


How do I get started;

It's simple, there is nothing for you to do. Every time you order a portrait from us, we automatically create this Christmas follow up for you and send it to you at Christmas time. There is nothing for you to do.


Click here to get started.


 This is a sample image, of course it would be your clients home in the image instead.



At McRae Portraits, we're always looking for ways for you to connect with your clients in a heartfelt way. In a way that inspires your clients to become true advocates of your business and send you referrals for decades to come.