Are your client gifts conversation starters?


Your client gift should be a conversation starter, something that by its very nature will keep you on top of someone's mind. Your best gift for ROI is something that's used and seen daily versus only a few times a year, or worse, once like a bottle of wine or a basket of food.

Even if that heightened visibility doesn't turn into an instant referral, it has the potential to spark a conversation about what you do or who you are. You'd be amazed at the number of doors it can open - some of which may prove to be immensely lucrative. 

Imagine that you gave your clients a painting of their home as the closing gift, it's proudly displayed on their living room wall, it's as if you are a permanent guest in your client's home every day.  That has proven to be just as valuable as if you are there yourself!

We've had homeowners take photos of themselves all posing in front of their painting of their home with big grins on their faces at Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter and Thanksgiving. The gift of their home as a painting become heirlooms for the family, something that reminds them of a big moment in their life; buying or selling their home.

I urge you to take a moment and asses the gifts that you currently give to your clients on the closing of the deal and ask yourself; Is this gift a conversation starter that will be displayed prominently for decades, or is it a gift that will be used once or twice and tucked away into the back of a junk drawer?

Your referral business will thank you for asking that question!