Are you Referrable?

Before we begin looking at how to get more referrals, it's important to understand what it is that makes you referable. Why would someone tell another person about your business? If you stop to think about it, it's a huge challenge to overcome.

The truth is, most don't refer. And they don't refer you because, frankly, they don't care about you or your business. I know that's harsh, but we've got to face the truth. Clients don't care about your business, they care about their problem... and how you solve it. Referral partners don't care about your business. they have their own business to grow.


It's not that they world is cold and bleak and people are indifferent. Most don't refer because it's simply not in their self-interest. And that's your fault. You haven't engineered your business in a way that makes it a benefit for our clients and referral partners to introduce us.

Shame on us.... and we need to fix it. To do so, we need to understand exactly how you become referable. To get any referral four things must exist:


You're different

If you want referrals, you've got to start by being different. There's no reason to talk about your business if you're just like every other competitor. When you're different, there's something to talk about. There's something noteworthy. Be different.

Think about the standard closing gifts; wine, gift baskets etc. How many other Realtors give their clients a painting of their home? A heartfelt gift of a house portrait from McRae Portraits will show your clients just how different you are!


You're valuable.

To be referable, you've go to be valuable. Valuable to clients because you solve an important problem for them. Valuable to referral partners because you make them look good. And valuable to referrals, before the sale, because you give them knowledge and hope for a solution to a "bleeding-neck" problem. 


You're likable.

Look, if they don't like you, they're not referring you. It helps to be nice. (If you have a team, this one's really important. After all, YOU may be likable, but if one of your team has acted like a jerk, you're not getting referred.)


You're trustworthy.

Referrals are, essentially, a transfer of trust. Some of the tryst the client or referral partner has in you is transferred to the person being referred. 

Your clients just trusted you to help them in their largest purchase of their life; a home. They obviously trust you because they've worked with you. Now let them show all of their friends and family that they trust you by sending  you referrals. Again, we highly recommend that you give your clients a painting of their home! This painting, hanging on their wall for years to come, will create those conversations about you, sparking referrals!