6 month reminder

6 month reminder

6 month reminder

We've created an incredibly heartfelt gift for you to give to your clients. A Christmas hello with your clients home right in the image! Your clients will love it.

How does it work;

After you order a portrait from us, we automatically, at Christmas, email you this incredible tool in reaching out to your clients. A Christmas picture with your clients home on the front!

 If this was for your client, we would place your clients home in the middle of this image. You then simply save the image and at Christmas email it to your clients with a personal note. Your clients will be absolutely amazed. 

 Just right click on the image, attach it to an email to your clients and your as popular as Santa. Remember, it's your clients home on the image!

Impress your clients so much that they will be excited to speak with you.

Why do we all have trouble calling our past clients? Because we feel like we are intruding on them, or maybe because we don't know what to say. This changes everything. Once your clients receive an email from you with their home on the front they will be so surprised and impressed that they will be excited about you calling them.