5 Rules in giving gifts to your clients!

24 - 36 times a year!

That's how many times a year that your clients want to hear from you. 24-36 times a year! 

How do possibly connect with your clients that many times?

Well, I created this list of ways that you can easily reach out to your customers and be seen as their trusted advisor.

So lets assume that smart people like Richard Robbins who focus all day on how to help you, one day say to you that you need to connect with your clients 24-36 times a year. How do you do that? You have a hard time connecting with your kids that many times!

You're in luck. Here is a very short and to the point list of ways that you can connect with your clients. Simply print it out, highlight the ones that you relate to as your personality. Put then in your calendar and start inviting your clients. Boom. Then grow that business, or rather, let your advocates grow your business for you.


Enough chatter, here's the list:

  • email your client

  • send your client a quick bomb bomb video from you

  • text them,  a simple hello is all it takes

  • send them a video text. That's right, your phone is also a video camera!! Use it.

  • social media

  • comment on your clients social media

  • give your clients some likes as well

  • send your clients an email with a recipe that they might like

  • host a small party at a local store, flower shops, bookstores

  • hold large parties at ice rinks or gyms

  • send then a simple thank you card. Remember, its the little things

  • send them a christmas card

  • a birthday card is so powerfrul

  • go for a coffee with them

  • invite yourself over for a sleep over at their house. (No? Too much...)

  • give them a movie card and pop corn

  • hold a block party

  • donate to a charity

  • make great social media content

  • leave a voicemail when your thinking of them

  • invite them to one of your open houses.

  • send them a simple email saying hello

You get the idea, find your personal style and away you go!