The Power of Referrals

According to Buffini and Company 82% of all real estate transactions come from repeat and referral business! 

the most powerful lead is from someone that sent you a referral






We all know how necessary referrals are to your business, how well do you manage that part of your business? 

First, let me tell you my personal story; I used to flip houses, I loved it, and I enjoyed working with my Realtors! But I never sent them any referrals, and I wanted to. Sure when I had my house warming party I mentioned my Realtor or my Mortgage Broker, but after that, I never mentioned them again. Why is that? Because they were no longer top of mind and I didn't have something that brought up their name in conversation.

In order for a referral to take place, your clients need to have a passionate conversation about you to their friends and family. And for that to happen, they need to have something in plain sight that sparks that conversation. And more importantly, that conversation is best when it's started by their friends and family. 

So how is the referral created?

Imagine for a moment that you have a client of yours, they are sitting at their dining room table having a cup of coffee with their friends and behind them is their house portrait hanging on the wall.

Their friend looks up and comments "Wow, is that a painting of your home?"our portraits will create conversations which are the essential part of a referral

"Yeah, we've been in this house now since our baby was born, we love it here. The schools are close and we love our neighborhood." your clients reply.

"Where did you get the portrait from?"

 And that is where they bring up your name! And it is brought up in a passionate story about your client and their success. That is where the referral is generated.


Here are some amazing statistics on the power of referrals

an average of 83 percent of happy customers are willing to refer you


Our success is your success.

We are incredibly passionate about creating those referrals for you. It is the entire focus of our what we do here at McRae Portraits.

Thanks for reading and here's to a business based upon referrals.

Russell McRae



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