The Inked leaf

I stumbled upon the inked leaf, another house portrait artist. She does wonderful work! I would recommend checking out her site, they look great.


The inked leaf

I started The Inked Leaf Custom Designs in 2011, when I took a DIY approach to designing for my wedding. I was working as a professional graphic designer for a government agency at the time, and I loved the creativity and romance of designing for social events.

The original goal was to create unique artwork with my ink pen and a leaf of paper. I've added a wide range of items to my store as my tools have expanded to include laptops, drawing tablets, and more.

I want to make the DIY experience easier for brides by providing a stress-free experience, beautifully laid out professional custom-designs, and unlimited revisions. I feel that my job is only done when my client is 100% happy.

My custom-design services are not limited to invitations. In addition to weddings, I also provide all sorts of social stationery, including baby shower invitations, announcements, and custom-designed gifts.


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