House Portrait compliments of Morley Lercher


Compliments of Morley Lercher

A Brief History of Morley

Born and raised in Vancouver, I know my way around the Lower Mainland and the West Side in particular. My 95% success rate with both vendors and buyers is a direct consequence of dedication, hard work and experience of being a licensed realtor for over 20 years. My highly satisfied client base is founded on word-of-mouth and referrals. I find working with small groups allows me to deliver top-notch service and thereby optimize results for everyone involved. A personable, effective communicator, I understand the importance of listening and keeping clients up-to-date with daily progress reports. A consummate professional, I also understand the importance of discretion.

We're all familiar with the expression "do what you love." The fact is I love real estate and my clients love the results.


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