How Dan Smith built his referral network using McRae Portraits.

How Dan Smith built his referral network using McRae Portraits.

" 5 closings in the last 5 days, 2 more tomorrow!" 

Is the proud facebook post from Dan Smith of RE/MAX Elite. 


Dan Smith has been a client of ours since we first started creating the House Portraits. He started his career hitting the ground running, working hard on his business, giving each client his service he is proud of. Building his business one deal at a time.

Then an opportunity came along for him to relocate to another city, forcing him to build his business up again - from scratch. So jumping in he again hit the ground running, building his business one deal at a time.

And at the end of the transaction, he would present his clients with a portrait of their home as a heartfelt thank you gift. One by one, the deals were done and one by one, the portraits went on their client's walls. And that is where the referrals started to come in. As the portraits created conversations about Dan, the referrals were generated. That's when the shift happened. That's when Dan's business began to skyrocket.

It's through those referrals, created by the portraits, that Dan's business grew to what it is today.

For a referral to be generated, something needs to spark that passionate conversation about you. Something needs to be in a place of prominence that peaks the interest, sparks the conversation and creates the referrals. And for Dan, it was our portraits.

Here is a video from Dan himself.



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Dan Smith RE/MAX Elite

17-8103 127 Ave Edmonton, AB, T5C 1R9


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