80% of all Real Estate transactions come from referrals!

Sutton presents how to stay top of mind

For a referral to work, your clients need to have a passionate conversation about you.

With 80% of all Real Estate transactions from referrals; referrals are the single most important part of your business. So what exactly is a referral? It's a passionate conversation that inspires your clients friends to action. And it must be a genuine conversation, if it's not heartfelt, it's just small talk. And small talk does not inspire someone.

Your clients need to rave about you to their friends and family.

What creates that inspiring conversation? Your customers need an anchor that sparks that conversation, something that gets that conversation going.

Simply asking your customers for a referral is not enough, a referral is an organic process, something that comes up on its own.

So what creates those conversations? A conversation piece that can easily be seen; something deeply personal to them, preferably something that lets your clients talk about their success.

One example would be a painting of your clients home. It prominently hangs on your client's wall and as your clients show all of their friends and family their portrait of their home, they will excitedly talk about how proud they are. And when your name comes up, it is brought up in a passionate and powerful conversation - the perfect referral.

So as each deal progresses, be thinking of the referral process that happens long after the deal is done. 

Have fun building that referral empire!


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